Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates
Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates
Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates
Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates
Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates
Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates

Flying Eagle X7D Reaver Adult Inline Skates

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Flying Eagle X7D Reaver adult roller skates 2 colors White/Black
Flying Eagle X7D Reaver roller skates are a pinnacle product of the famous brand Flying Eagle. Shoes are beautifully designed with advanced technology and high quality materials. This is an ideal choice for roller sports lovers.

1. Detailed information
Brand: Flying Eagle
Product name: X7D Reaver
Made in China
Shoe type: Adult roller skates
Single size: Black: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46; 
White: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42

Color: Black/Pearl white

Flying Eagle X7D Reaver adult roller skates

2. Technical specifications
Shoe form: Designed to hug the foot and fit comfortably, providing certain comfort when roller skating. The plastic shell is resistant to high force, impact resistant and very thick. Flying Eagle X7D Reaver roller skates are molded from very strong and high-quality plastic.

Shoe boots: Especially comfortable with many shapes and fits the size of each foot. Multi-density foam lining is soft and durable. Keep shoes free from unpleasant and stuffy odors. The lining hugs the foot, creating a solid feeling for the user. Boots can be removed for cleaning.

Shoe buckle: The upper buckle is a buckle, adjusting the tightness of the shoe easily. The lower lock is a semi-automatic lock for easy operation. Combined with laces to hug your legs and make exercising easier.

Frame - Fork: Rockered frame material, Aluminum alloy with CNC technology. Frame size: 155mm & 165mm. Eagle bird design - symbol of adult roller skate brand Flying Eagle. Strong, modern frame can be disassembled with simple operations.

Very suitable for WIZARD slide style.

Shoe wheels: Made of Crocanti PU material, hardness 85A. Good road holding and abrasion resistance, limiting damage. Longer lasting use than wheels of other products. Outstanding feature: Light cake, can be converted from flat cake to banana cake. Wheel size according to shoe size mm:

+ Size from 36 - 40: 4*84mm/ 3*100mm

+ Size from 41 - 46: 4*90mm/ 3*100mm

Bearings: High quality Wings Pro bearings are used. Ensures the fastest and most accurate rotation speed. The bearings of X7D Reaver roller skates can be removed, replaced and cleaned when needed.

Flying Eagle X7D Reaver adult roller skates

3. Outstanding features
– Modern design, Flying Eagle X7D Reaver roller skates are eye-catching with 2 outstanding colors: Pearl White and Black. Suitable for many users, easy to coordinate, personal style.

– The lining fits well and is especially comfortable for the user. Suitable for every foot shape and size. Simple to remove for cleaning and deodorization.

– The cake lights up, can be converted into a cake with – banana cake. High-quality Crocanti PU material helps shoes always grip the road and run smoothly.

– Rockered frame material, aluminum alloy, sophisticated CNC technology. Create aesthetics and health in shoes. The iconic design of the Flying Eagle roller skates company - a modern eagle.

– Roller skate buckles are designed to be flexible and extremely sturdy. Perform technical movements more smoothly and safely. Designed to hug the feet securely during movement.

– Single shoe sizes are diverse, suitable for many types of players. Besides, the product is also more premium than other roller skates in the same segment.

– X7D Reaver shoes have good strength and avoid impact. Protect your feet from the outside in as comprehensively as possible.

4. Preserve Flying Eagle X7D roller skates
To keep your Flying Eagle X7D Reaver roller skates always new and shiny. You need to follow proper storage and cleaning steps. Let's take a look at the suggestions below:

+ Use a soft brush to remove dirt and impurities on the shoe surface. Clean with a damp cloth to remove minor stains and keep the color lasting.

+ Store shoes in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid discoloration and reduce the durability of the material.

+ If the shoes are damp or wet, let them dry naturally without high temperatures. Avoid leaving shoes near heat sources or using a dryer.

+ Avoid storing shoes in damp places, especially if they are already wet. This helps prevent mold and keeps them dry.

+ Periodically check details such as wheels and roller screws. Make sure the X7D Reaver shoe functions properly.

+ Follow the storage and care instructions from the manufacturer to ensure you are taking the necessary measures correctly.
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