Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY  Kids Adjustable Inline Skates
Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY  Kids Adjustable Inline Skates
Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY  Kids Adjustable Inline Skates
Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY  Kids Adjustable Inline Skates
Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY  Kids Adjustable Inline Skates
Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY  Kids Adjustable Inline Skates

Flying Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY Kids Adjustable Inline Skates

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Color: black,blue,pink
Shoe Size: S (27-31), M (32-36), L (37-41)
Body and collar: high-strength plastic
Boots (Inner Lining): Made of synthetic fabric, very thick, smooth and breathable.
Fork (frame): Thick 6061 aluminum alloy. CNC technology creates a beautiful and precise frame.
Buckle: Plastic neck buckle and 45° plastic body buckle for easy operation and maximum hug to the foot
Wheels: Hardness 85A, made of solid rubber material, high strength and good elasticity.
Bearing: Eagle ABEC 7
Gear screws: Steel core screws.
Middle Wheel Cushion: 8mm Moulded Cushion
Wheels: 100% PU material, 85A hardness, helps with grip, good abrasion resistance
Shockproof sole: yes
Brake Pads (Brakes): Available in Right Shoe
Load: Eagle S9 DUAL DENSITY roller skates can hold up to 80kg

1. Body buckle
In this new version, the Flying Eagle adopts a newly designed body buckle, memory buckle lock, smart lock, which is easy to use and has a suitable structure to keep the ankle well.
This Memory buckle has a beautiful design with a logo engraved on the buckle. This clasp is designed to reduce the risk of clasp breaking (leaving the shoe too long can cause the plastic to become brittle).

And just like remembering the name, we just need to open and close in the locked position, the zigzag wire is fixed in place at the ankle, not going back and forth like a normal lock.

2. Ankle lock
The ankle buckle cluster for the skates is still a nicely designed buckle to make the shoe look more sturdy, similar to the buckle clusters of the S5S+, S6S+, but the buckle components are color-coordinated with the shoe color to help a pair. Shoes look more pleasing to the eye.

3. Dual Density technology on the shoe body
The body of the skate is moulded from rigid plastic to withstand high weight with extremely low latency, helping to secure baby's feet while skating without drifting/tilting baby feet.

The company has applied Dual Density technology to the Flying Eagle F7 Optimum adult roller skates, which can be simply understood as 2 kinds of plastic materials. The colored plastic part of the shoe has a certain flexibility, so that the baby can tie the shoelace at the toes. , It is very important to fix the toes when the baby is practicing difficult movements such as nose, heel, and swivel skills...

4. Liner Kids Roller Skates S9 DUAL DENSITY
Removable and washable/dry cleaning, cleaning, slightly better softness than other shoes, very beautiful patterns on the inner and outer layers, honeycomb breathable design, allowing children to play with less cards. The outer part is printed with many new colors based on this year's fashion trends.

5. Shock-absorbing sole for the heel of the skate
The S9 Dynamo features a shock-absorbing sole similar to adult roller skates, and this is the second time the company has applied it to children's skates, having also used the part on the previous S8 Sprout model. The shock-absorbing sole makes the baby safer and more comfortable when performing actions with strong ground force.

6. Frame/wheel frame, wheels, bearings for Flying Eagle S9  DUAL DENSITY
Frame: Solid aluminum alloy material, it can withstand pressure and baby's weight well, won't warp, hold the wheels in place, screws hold the wheels to an iron frame called Flying Eagle.
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